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This blog is written and managed by D.S. Morgan and though it is posted on a website for obtaining mortgages it does not constitute mortgage advice. Any time a program is offered, it will be explicitly stated which loan officer that program is offered through. And the details of that product will clearly be noted for the consumer. 

Welcome to the Mortgage Library

One of the problems we encounter very often is a total lack of knowledge on how to obtain a mortgage. And that's sort of the reason why we have built this page. It's a means of informing people on how to get a mortgage. Or how to start working with a broker. 

Rest assured, you've come to the right place for your mortgage needs. 

Welcome to our easy to use resource for all your mortgage needs. You can find info on loan programs, ideas for your next refinance and much much more! If you've got a question about something don't be shy!! 

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