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The future is unsteady, but your money doesn’t have to be. An Investment Planner can help secure your financial future with a portfolio designed to capture market returns. James Kreid is an expert at creating such portfolios and he’s the expert HMS Trusts to help secure your financial future. Let James and Nathan help secure your future today!

With Solid Rock Retirement Strategies your financial future is secure.
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Investment Planner | James Kreid
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James Kreid has been with Solid Rock Retirement Strategies for 17 years (formerly CMFS). He’s the author of “The Shifting Sands of Retirement and How to Weather Them.” Working in the financial industry since 1996, Jim has been a key player in Peoria and has helped secure the financial futures of thousands of clients. He’s secured a name for himself in the industry with proven portfolio investment strategies.
Founder and President of HMS
Nathan Durst
Is Here To Make Home Loans Simple
"Home Loans Made Simple." - That's Nathan's mission and finding this company more than a decade ago, Nathan has been able to make that mission possible for thousands of borrowers. HMS stands between you and banks to ensure that your financial needs are represented. When you choose his brokerage you're getting the years of experience he has and the team he has built to help you close your next home loan.
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