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Sara’s passion lies in connecting people with places. She is committed to sourcing the best properties that align with your dreams and budget. She takes the time to understand what makes a house a home for you, ensuring that every recommendation is thoughtfully considered and perfectly suited to your families needs.

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EXP Realtor | Sara Skolaski
From Classroom to Coffee Shop to Closing Deals
Sara Skolaski has had a unique path to being a realtor. But it's all been for the best. And that's what makes Sara so great. Your home is more than just a property; it's a chapter in your life story. Thanks to her background in teaching as well as owning a small coffee shop, she understands that every client has a unique narrative and distinct needs. Sara brings her experience to the table to provide a service that is not only about finding the right house but also about making sure it feels like a true home.
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Nathan Durst
Is Here To Make Home Loans Simple
"Home Loans Made Simple." - That's Nathan's mission and finding this company more than a decade ago, Nathan has been able to make that mission possible for thousands of borrowers. HMS stands between you and banks to ensure that your financial needs are represented. When you choose his brokerage you're getting the years of experience he has and the team he has built to help you close your next home loan.
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