You Deserve A Mortgage Specialist

Mortgages come in many different shapes and sizes, what you deserve more than anything is the knowledge that you've made the very best decision for your mortgage needs. With one of our Home Mortgage Specialists, you can have that certainty (for a cost that may surprise you).

We often hear the tell-tale-sign of misleading rumors when we begin working with a client. Everyone is always worried that using a mortgage broker will shoot costs sky-high, that they'll have to come to the closing table with thousand of dollars more than they would have using their local bank. In reality, this is not only a fictitious claim, but the opposite is often true. As a broker our costs are often lower than those of your local bank in the short term. But in the long term you will almost certainly save money because we shop from a bevy of wholesale rates and lenders to give you a competitive edge on the market.

But let's say we didn't have lower costs (even though we do). How else could we make ourselves worthy of your time and money?

Well, there are many ways, don't take it from us, take it from the people we have worked with.

One of our Real Estate partners wrote on google after selling her home to one of our borrowers and buying another as a borrower.

Kept us informed the whole time about what was going on with our loan, and worked hard to get us both closed on time! I have been a real estate agent for the past 9 years and dealt with all kinds of lenders. These guys are among the top and I will definitely be referring them to future clients!

And our customers have made it quite clear too!

The ease and explanation of all the stages in getting this done were handled in such a way that I felt so secure in moving forward with my decision.

And another added:

Our mortgage refinancing process was fast and easy. Nathan answered all of our questions . My wife and I are grateful for his help.

We levy these statements against any of our competitors who would try to show that we are not all that we say. But not only these, we would provide them with an explanation about why HMS is the very best option for all your mortgage needs: Innovation.

HMS strives to be an emerging leader, using all of the available technology at our disposal to prepare our audiences for what is coming up in the US Mortgage Industry. In 2022, we hope to change three things:

  1. Loan Origination Systems: With a rise in cloud based technology, our technology department is looking into the best available options to reintegrate our old systems with what is new. We are hoping that this change can be fully implemented and operational by end of Q1 2022.

  2. Tool Suite Borrower and Partner: This one may take a little more work than normal to get out there. But we are hoping to have some kind of tool suite available to all our borrowers and business partners that will help them move around easily in the mortgage landscape. Here you will find definitions, videos on how to submit documents or create a PDF to send, how to use a smartphone to scan documents and send them, and various calculators to help you educate yourself in the crazy world of mortgages.

  3. New Office: HMS is hoping to update offices to produce a more efficient work environment so that more is done, more is done well, and more customers can be assisted.

These are just three of our goals, rest assured that we have many others and are hoping to absolutely dominate our competition in 2022. But, to a further point, the title of this article is about you, not about us. Namely, it is about why you deserve a Mortgage Specialist.

And we think that it's quite a simple answer.

Because excellent financial services are possible for everyone.

For years and years you have been told that there is only one way to obtain a mortgage, you've been told it by your friends and family, but more specifically, you've been told it by "Very Important Persons" at all the financial institutions in this country. If they were ignorant of Brokers, that would be fine, our community is rather small. In fact, I'd assume that most people are ignorant of this small ragtag bunch.

But how much ignorance is actually there? Can the whole fault of your ignorance be laid at the feet of ignorance? Likely not. No doubt, these "Very Important Persons" have been lying right to your face.

In the face of that misleading lie, we believe that:

- You are entitled to the truth at every moment of your transaction.

- Getting a Home should be an enjoyable and exciting experience.

- Hidden fees and costs are wrong.

- A whole array of products should be offered to you, for you to pick.

And lastly, that a personal approach is necessary to make you feel heard and answered, as though your worries are respected. HMS will never implement a system of call centers to answer the phone. When you call us, you get a person, every time.

If you've gotten to the bottom of this article, we truly appreciate it. Thank you for being one of our loyal readers.

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