"A Mortgage Specialist is a luxury, but it's one you can afford."

Free rate quotes, free preapprovals. You won't pay us a dime until you close. Let HMS work with you to ensure your mortgage needs are met! 

There are many ways to apply at HMS, the first of them being this "Get in Touch" form just to the left. But there are other ways to apply: 

  1. Click either purchase or refinance in the menu and you will be prompted to fill out a full mortgage application. If you do not feel ready for this step, fill out the form to the left, and a Home Mortgage Specialist will get into touch. 

  2. If you want help now, call or text (309) 222-8286 and if Nathan or Drew are available, they can assist you. 

  3. Email dsmorgan@hmsmtg.com (Drew) and he will guide you in the right direction and assist you in whatever needs you have. 

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1. There are purchase and refinance tiles above, click either and you will be taken to the appropriate page. 

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Meet the Team

Founded in 2011, HMS has gone through many changes over the past 10 years, but our greatest success has arisen in the form of a reliable and diligent team. 

A careful bit of imagination, a lot of hours spent bright and early, and more work than any one of us would like to admit, has allowed each team member of HMS to truly fill their own shoes in the office. We joke, we tease, we make fun, but at the end of the day our team gets things done. 

The HMS Mission

Husband, Father, and Tennis Coach, Nathan believes that getting a loan should be simple. That's his way, the HMS way!

President, Broker

Nathan Durst

Anna Alvarez

Loan Processor

Wife, Mom, Marathon Runner, Anna is in charge of keeping Nathan and Drew in line around the office.

Math Major, Son, Total Geek, Drew is the newest member of the team, his job around the office is trying to stay out of trouble.

Operations, Marketing

Drew Morgan

Meet the HMS team

HMS will strive to do everything in it's power to simplify all aspects of the loan process. We liken ourselves to tutors, teaching the public about loan products, and advising them on their options so that they can choose the one that's best for them. It sounds scary, this whole process. But remember, when you've got Nathan Durst on your side, you've got the experience of 23 years in the mortgage industry on your side. That time, diligence and commitment to craft reflects the values of HMS, and the values of all of it's employees. And with our specialization, we will serve you to the best of our abilities. 

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The Answers You Need

We have a good many titles, mortgage broker, home loan originator, loan lender, mortgage lender etc. But at bottom, we are a band of expert negotiators who exist to serve you by fighting for your interests. That is, your interests in your home. You're going to live in a home, so you're going to have a mortgage. Call us crazy, but we believe that it ought to be a good one, a mortgage that fits your needs. 

What is a Mortgage Broker? 

Easy!! Mortgage Brokers specialize in loans! We only close loans, that's all we do! It's all we know! And it's what we are excellent at! Another reason, many people think that using a mortgage broker is more expensive than going to a traditional bank! But this is nonsense, Broker's often cost less than banks, are easier to work with, and have more options available to them than banks do. The reason why is that we can shop at any number of lenders that we wish to. Because of this, we can give you the rate you want, on the loan amount you need, at a cost that works for you. 

Why should I use a Mortgage Broker?

Easy, today!! Well maybe not today exactly, but the time is always right to check. And checking about a refinance is free to do with Home Mortgage Specialists, Inc. Simply email your mortgage statement to ndurst@hmsmtg.com. And you can get star