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The HMS Team is a family run business with over a 25 years of experience.

Run by Husband and Wife - Nathan and Robyn Durst - Home Mortgage Specialists is quickly becoming a premier mortgage brokerage. We serve everyone with our wide range of products . And, we can close loans in many states including but not limited to - Florida, Indiana and Illinois. Our focus is in creating an easier mortgage experience and being helpful to our customers - like you.

Meet The HMS Team

We provide high quality mortgage services.

Our service model focuses on providing the highest possible level of care and support while making the process as easy and efficient as it can possibly be.

/ Frequently Asked questions

Focus On Home Ownership - Not Financing

Is there any cost or obligation if l request an consultation?

Our mortgage consultations are not only obligation free, they are also completely cost free. Home Mortgage Specialists offers this financial service as a benefit to you completely free.

Why are brokers better than banks?

We get this question almost every day. And the answer is very simple - Brokers represent you, Banks represent themselves. When you go to a bank, you're not getting a loan with someone who will represent you unbiased during the transaction. It's the nature of this relationship that makes brokers better. Our interests are your interests. Check out this page about why we beat the banks! 

How long does it take to apply?

The application process is very simple it takes as little as 10 minutes to apply. After that you can practically skip to the finish line.

How does HMS keep rates low?

Brokers help keep rates lower by providing real competition to banks. As brokers, we subject ourselves to cost constraints that lower our costs overall. We use modern tech to keep things quick and we provide excellent service so we only have to say and do things once.

How do I contact HMS?

Easy, just give us a call! 
Or send an email to: team@hmsmtg.com

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