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In the great state of Florida, we believe that you deserve mortgage services that are simple, fast and reliable. That's all that HMS offers. We're Specialists, and we can help take your loan from start to close in as little as 11 business days. Let's close together!



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Beautiful Coasts Just a Drive Away

You don't have to live on the beach to see the sand! In fact, most of Florida's best real estate is only several hours away from the coast. The perfect distance to take a day trip and enjoy some sun on one of the many beaches. So get out there and get some sun!

The Great Outdoors

Florida is home to year round excitement, largely thanks to it's almost 200-plus days of sunshine per year. Residents of Florida are able to spend time outside in the water, on the beach or even exploring the wild marshes. The most popular activities across the state are: swimming, boating, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and fishing.

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Nathan Durst
Nathan has been doing mortgages since 1998! He issues Pre-Approvals, Rate Quotes and Mortgage Reviews to Illinois, Florida and Indiana Borrowers.
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