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In the great state of Indiana, we believe that you deserve mortgage services that are simple, fast and reliable. That's all that HMS offers. We're Specialists, and we can help take your loan from start to close in as little as 11 business days. Let's close together!



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Not Where But Who

In Indiana, you'll meet some of the happier people in our great nation. A down to earth community, with roots valuing freedom, liberty, and respect. There's a kindness to Indiana that we've grown to love and we know you will too!

Oh Beautiful Seasons

Unlike many of the great states in our beautiful union, Indiana has all four seasons, in full strength. Though many of the people in the state are mild tempered and well mannered, the same could not be said for the seasons. Some people prefer to wonder what the weather will be like everyday, and those people live in the beautiful state of Indiana.

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Nathan Durst
Nathan has been doing mortgages since 1998! He issues Pre-Approvals, Rate Quotes and Mortgage Reviews to Illinois, Florida and Indiana Borrowers.
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